The contest ends soon!

Hi!  It's the Director! If you haven't read about my contest, click here.  This post is a quick reminder that the contest is closing to submissions on April 10th at 11:59 p.m.!  Feel free to enter if you haven't! Thanks for reading! The Director


What would you do? (A reversed Q&A!)

Hi!  I've decided to do a twist on the Q&A style posts.  I decided that I'll ask the questions, and I'd love it if you answered in the comment box below! Question #1: In a book where the character thinks most of the book, how would you communicate his thoughts to the audience without one …

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Dolls & Camera Effects – a Series: Part #1

Hi!  It's the Director! I've partnered with Sapphire, from A Sapphire's Stardust, and we are creating a doll adventure photo-series! Sapphire is taking the pictures, and I'm helping behind the scenes. I've decided to do a series on the effects we use for the photos. The paper was supposed to look old and wrinkled.  To …

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