My Drafting Table came in!

Hi! I'm so excited to share that my drafting table came in!  We built it on Sunday, and it was much easier than the reviews said it was. I took some photos:   I hope you liked it! Thank you for reading! The Director


The Craft Tag

I was nominated for the Craft Tag by Doll the Time!  Thank you so much for tagging me!  I love your blog, by the way! Here are the rules: Here are the rules for the tag: Answer 5 questions Create 5+ new questions Tag people Here are Doll the Time's questions:      1. Have …

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Creating a World-in-a-box for Stop-Motion Films!

Hi!  This post is the winner from the last Pick a Post.  The second option was the winner! Here's how you can make a nice area for small stop-motion things like Legos or Japanese erasers. Start with a simple, medium-sized box.  (Don't pay attention to the things inside yet!) Next, take green and blue post-it …

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