The Craft Tag

I was nominated for the Craft Tag by Doll the Time!  Thank you so much for tagging me!  I love your blog, by the way! Here are the rules: Here are the rules for the tag: Answer 5 questions Create 5+ new questions Tag people Here are Doll the Time's questions:      1. Have …

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Sets: Doll House

In this post I will show you how to make your own miniature set, similar to my post on making a world in a box. Grab a small box, scissors, scrapbooking paper, and glue. Cut the scrapbooking paper to the size of the walls.  Glue them securely to the box's sides. If you want the …

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Creating a World-in-a-box for Stop-Motion Films!

Hi!  This post is the winner from the last Pick a Post.  The second option was the winner! Here's how you can make a nice area for small stop-motion things like Legos or Japanese erasers. Start with a simple, medium-sized box.  (Don't pay attention to the things inside yet!) Next, take green and blue post-it …

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