About the Director (Me!)

Hi!  I’m the Director.

I’ve won two writing awards: the Betty Award and I won a Gold Key in the regional Scholastic writing competition.

I love to write, draw, and create.  Filmmaking is right up my alley!

On my blog will be posts about making your own film, other’s films, or about films I am creating.  I have a YouTube account where I post all of my films!  I also post my films here on my blog!

I have some favorite movies in different categories:

Two of my favorite movies are The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, directed by Ben Stiller, and How to Train your Dragon 1.  The stories are great and they are paced perfectly (I think!).  My favorite sports movies is Miracle.  The period piece I like the best is Sense and Sensibility.  Those are my favorite movies!


Please enjoy my blog, The Director Online!


The Director