Travel Journal – Ostia Antica

Last Sunday we took a crowded train to Ostia Antica, a nearly perfectly preserved Roman town.

Ostia Antica was very interesting, firstly because of its history, and secondly because it is nearly intact as it was during the Roman Golden Ages.

Ostia Antica was taken over by the Romans.  It was an extremely useful port town, giving the Romans even more control and power.

It flourished in a different way than Rome.  Rome was the capitol city of the whole empire.  It housed the emperors, the senators, and other powerful people.  But Ostia Antica housed commoners – merchants, bar-keepers, bakers, etc.  So in Rome you can look at what life in the capitol may have been like, and in Ostia Antica you can look at common Romans’ lives.

When the Romans built Portus, another port town close by, business slowed down a bit for Ostia Antica.

Portus in the Roman Ages.  (Not my image!)
Portus from the air
Portus nowadays.  (Not my image!)

But it didn’t stop completely until the barbarians pillaged Rome of all its glory and riches.

Ostia Antica is so well preserved because mud and silt covered it up for centuries.  When it was excavated, nearly all of the walls are intact.

Here are some pictures:

This was one of the three public baths in Ostia Antica.


The front of an ancient building.


There used to be a temple in this spot.


The Main Street of Ostia Antica, which went all the way to the Circus Maximus in Rome!


There are so many beautiful mosaics in Ostia Antica.


This was the temple of Jupiter, next to Ostia Antica’s forum. This gives you an idea of what the Roman temples looked like.


Ostia Antica is full of cats!  We even saw a tiny, adorable kitten!

Ostia Antica was very fun to visit.  It is very empty, unlike in Rome, where everything is so busy and noisy.  We stayed there practically all day!  Ostia Antica is a do-not-miss.

On Monday, we took a tour of an underground Roman house, discovered when a Police Station was being constructed.  It was neat, but it was not my favorite part of the trip.  It was dark and the music was kind-of spooky.  I would not recommend that tour.

That night, we did an amazing Segway tour – in the dark!  Rome is so pretty lit up at night.  We started out at the imperial Forums, then we rode to the Pantheon, Navona Square, the Spanish Steps, and Trevi Fountain!  Riding a Segway was actually easier than I thought.  The first few minutes are nerve-racking, but then you get the hang of it.  I thought that was a great highlight of the trip!

I am home now.  We flew in on Tuesday, and it was exhausting.  We watched the movie Ferdinand, which I thought was really funny at some parts.

I probably won’t be posting much this summer.  I will be releasing the Travel Mice videos soon, once I edit them.

Thanks for reading!

The Director



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