Travel Journal – The Baths of Caracalla

Last Friday, sorry for the delay, we saw the Baths of Caracalla!

Caracalla was one of the worst, if not the worst, emperor of Rome.  He did extremely horrible things, which I will not be mentioning here.  Anyway, Caracalla does not have a good name in history.

However, one good thing he did was build the Baths of Caracalla.  These baths are colossal!

In Bath, England, they have the most intact Roman bath, and building, that I’ve ever seen.  But the Baths of Caracalla are enormous!  The remaining walls are five stories high!

We did a VR (virtual reality) tour, which I really enjoyed, except our device wouldn’t really work at first.  It took some practice to get every step right.  If you ever go to the Baths of Caracalla, I recommend the VR tour!

Here are some pictures (and I will explain each of the rooms in the captions):

Baths not only served as bathing places, but also as work-out places. This was a gymnasium, where people could stretch.


This is a tile mosaic in an ancient locker room.
This underground tunnel housed the fires that heated up the pools of the baths above.
This is the frigidarium, which housed the cold pools.


I really enjoyed the Baths of Caracalla.  I took many videos there, having the mice explain what each room was for.  This Travel Mice video is, I think, my best yet!

Thanks for reading!

The Director

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 6.59.15 PM



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