Travel Journal – Day #9


Guess where I am now?

I’m in Rome, Italy!

We took a train from Florence to Rome earlier today.  Trains are so relaxing!  It is much easier to fall asleep there than on a plane.  They have tables between each row of seats where you can eat snacks and drink sodas.

Anyway, I’m in Rome now!  I’m so happy that I came here.  The ruins are so old – the history here is nearly endless!

Today we went to the Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, and the Pantheon.

The Spanish Steps are very large!  The fountain at the bottom is very inventive – it is a sinking boat with water pouring over the sides from the top.  You can actually fill a water bottle from it – the water is so clean!  It comes from an ancient aqueduct.

These are the Spanish Steps!


The Trevi Fountain is sculpted so well!  The main statue’s clothes look like wind is blowing hard on him.  The fountain seems to flow from the building itself.  I really enjoyed the fountain, although it was very crowded.



We didn’t go into the Pantheon because there was a huge line.  But even from the outside it is amazing!  It really makes you look so small, and the Pantheon was built by the Romans!  The Pantheon looks like it is in a ditch, but it was actually built on a hill – everything was built up around it!


Today was mostly a travel day, and it was pretty tiring, even though we only traveled for a few hours.

Thanks for reading!

The Director

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