Travel Journal – Day #8


Today I went across the Arno river to the Pitti Palace, where the Medici family lived after Cosimo.  (If you want a history on the Medici, click here!)

There were many Raphael paintings in the palace!  Raphael was a great admirer of Leonardo da Vinci, so his style of painting is very similar.  However, Raphael has softer lines in his paintings than Leonardo, in my opinion.

Sadly, Raphael didn’t live very long.  However, unlike Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael finished nearly all of his paintings so that his are not as rare, but still very amazing!


Behind the Pitti Palace is the Boboli Gardens.  The Medici family bought these gardens when they bought the palace.

This is in the courtyard.


This is the ballroom.
You can see the gardens from here.


They are extremely large and contain many circuitous paths and trails.  Even though the gardens have not been very well kept, and are quite overrun, they were fun to walk through!  You can only hear cars when the ambulance goes by, and you can see Tuscany all around you!

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I’ve also decided to only make a video of the mice.  I know that I have changed my mind multiple times, but I will be combining the two styles of videos into one – the mice add a cuter dimension, and the other, which was going to be narrated by me, will add a historical and informative dimension!

I took tons of videos in the garden!  I can’t wait to post the finished film!

Thanks for reading!

The Director

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 6.59.15 PM


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